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Monday 1 September 2014

FlatClub in Essentials Magazine

In the "Make Money From Your Stuff" section in this week's Essentials magazine, FlatClub was mentioned as a great way to make some money from your spare room! Voula Kapeleri's story was featured in the article on page 115. Kapeleri didn't want a full-time lodger, so she decided to list her flat in order to host interns one month at a time. It took her a little while to get used to the new people in her space, but she soon began to enjoy meeting the new diverse temporary flatmates. FlatClub is the perfect solution for Kapeleri to draw some extra income from her spare room without a full-time lodger.

The rest of the article lists other ways to make money from the stuff you already own, from renting out almost any sort of item (baby clothes, kitchen appliances, and gardening tools are listed), to selling things to sites like or instead of hassling with Ebay.