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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Last Minute Guest Prep

You’ve got guests checking into your flat very soon - what do you do? Let’s say you’ve got 24 minutes - here is your last minute prep. It’s like 24, but in minutes & more focused around tidying up.

Minutes 1 - 5:
While a deep clean is preferable before guests arrive, we know it doesn’t always happen. Give the place a bit of a spruce up with the hoover & dishwasher. Take a look around with a laundry basket & a bin liner in tow: grab any stray bits of dirty laundry, extra shoes, and wrappers, miscellaneous papers, et cetera. If you’ve got things you just want to tidy away, not necessarily throw away, put them in a closet that your guests won’t be able to access.

Minutes 5 - 10:
Light some candles and maybe place a couple of coffee table books to add to the ambiance. If you have no candles, give the room a quick spritz of a relaxing and gentle fragrance such as vanilla or lavender. By doing this about 10 minutes before guests arrive, it gives the fragrance time to settle. Make sure the bed is turned down and looks inviting - turn on a lamp in the bedroom so when you open the door to your guests it looks comfortable & warm.

Minutes 10 - 15:
Gather a few nibbles for your guests to snack on after you’ve shown them around. Things like nuts, fruit, dried fruit, crisps and little cakes will always go down a treat. Put the kettle on or start on a brew. For an evening check-in a spot of wine could be a nice, relaxing introduction to your property too!

Minutes 15 - 24:
Now, take a moment out for yourself. Get reacquainted with your flat or the room that your guest will be staying in, and think about what you’d like to know when first entering. The wi-fi password, any numerical locks outside, shoes on or off, and so forth. It’s a good idea to jot these down alongside some important phone numbers for your guest - particularly if you won’t be staying in the flat alongside them.

After that, do take a second and just relax and compose yourself. If it’s your first time hosting, just relax! Your guest may be tired from travel and not looking to have a long discussion or they may be eager to learn about the area - you’ll be able to read that shortly. Just have a quiet, calm moment with yourself before the guests arrive.