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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Late May Bank Holiday - Fun in London

Bank Holiday Weekend - May 23rd to 25th

This weekend there are tons of things going on in London. Enjoy the sunshine & have some fun at one of these events! Leave us a comment with what your plans are; who knows, we may just see you at one of these locations.

Alchemy at Southbank Centre - On until May 25th, this festival celebrates all things South Asian. There will be plenty of art exhibits, films, talks, and food being served up to all comers. Many of the events are free, and Kerb is providing food through it's vast network of traders. We can personally vouch for Dosa Deli, Ice Kitchen, and World of Zing for an Asian-inspired aged cocktail!

South London Vintage Kilo Sale - This is one amazing sale for a vintage lover. Bring a bag, fill it with a kilo's worth of retro garb from the 70s and 80s, pay £15 for the lot and then walk out. That's it! What a deal for someone who knows how to make vintage pieces really work.

Summer Tales - This weekend is the opening dates of Summer Tales on Old Street. Expect great street food from vendors like Bonnie Gull, Burger & Lobster, and more - not to mention a few different tropical themed bars. Whether the weather stays nice or not, you'll get a good summer vibe here with DJs playing through the night & lots of excellent food and company.

The Line - Walk along a path between the O2 & Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to find new sculptures by artistic luminaries such as Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, and many more. All free, and all illuminated by night as well. It's a great stroll along that will remind you of what makes London such a world class city.

Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea - Coral reefs are an unknown for many of us, something beautiful that we take for granted. Learn more about how these reefs are not only beautiful, but incredibly important to the environment & to human beings alike.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to Get a Summer Internship

Summer is approaching fast - are you looking for an internship to occupy your time during the school break? We have some tips on how to find a summer internship & how to prepare yourself for it!

Image courtesy of Cris Pierry, via Flickr
Find a Summer Internship with a Big Company

Chances are good that your university organizes a ‘career’ or ‘job’ fair every year, so make sure that you’ve got your calendar marked and set aside. These are very useful & organized events that bring together potential interns (you) and potential employers (big corporations with a presence nearby). Finding a job through one of these fairs generally is the easiest & most stress-free way to go about landing your internship - however, you’re not guaranteed an internship just for showing up.

Make sure that you’re dressed to impress & keen to engage with the people at the booth for each company. Genuine interest makes just about as big of a difference as talent, and in an initial meeting like a career fair, your personality & conversation is the only thing that can set you apart.

Looking for something outside of your uni? Check out for UK internship listings. In the USA, you may find some on the websites of individual companies & on

Find a Summer Internship at a Startup

If you’d like to work at a startup - we can vouch for it as a great choice - there are a few different websites that can help you find an up-and-coming company looking for interns! In the UK, the best one is

If you’re located in the US and would like to stay there, has tons of options in Silicon Valley & New York, with a smattering of companies located elsewhere. It also lists European & UK startups, so it’s a good place to look in general. Tyba has listings in Europe & the UK.

Need somewhere to stay? Well, we here at FlatClub are happy to help with that, as you might guess. Search for yourself or add your criteria to our LiveDemand service & start receiving offers from our hosts.

We’ve also created a few articles that can help you jump start your search & give you a bit more information:

5 Articles to Help Interns

Startup Competitions 2015

Startup Competition 2015

We're back again with the web's best guide for European & UK Startup Competitions! In 2015, there are more pitch battles, business plan startup competitions, and contests of all other varieties than ever before. We tried our best to document them all - but we may have missed a few.

Submit your startup competition, or just one that you think looks good, to our form here.

View the 2015 Startup Competition Guide Now

Our 4th edition of The UK & Europe Startup Competition Guide is out! It is the biggest and most comprehensive database of UK & Europe Startup competitions around. In it you will find the competition criteria, awards, deadlines and a direct link to apply. Browse, choose and submit your application.

There are over 50 initial opportunities to compete and more on the way.  Submit competitions to the database, play with the data and help us make it easier than ever for young startups to find every competition opportunity on the map.

Competitions have helped FlatClub along the way and we believe there is huge value for young teams to put themselves to the test. Our goal with the guide is to database every opportunity for UK & Europe startups to compete for awards, investment and attention. 

3 Great Ways to Get Involved

1. Add any startup competition, Add your competition!

Know about a competition for startups this year? Hosting a competition? Put it on the list and let the world know about it. Click here to add a competition.

2. Get tips on pitching by Nitzan, FlatClub CEO 

FlatClub has competed in and won a fair share of startup competitions including TechCrunch's 1-sentence pitching competition, the JC Entrepreneurship Award and the AMBA Entrepreneurial Venture award. Check out Nitzan's advice on how to win startup competitions.

And if you're going to apply for one of these competitions, we highly recommend taking a quick look at some of the tips compiled by our CEO, and startup competition veteran, Nitzan Yudan.

TechCrunch 1 Sentence Pitch Comp
The Buzz of a Startup Competition

3. Help spread the word

With your help we can build a definitive, exhaustive competition database for the startup community. Here's the link - - Tweet, Post to Facebook & LinkedIn and let your startup networks know.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Search for Flats via Commute Time

Have you seen our new design for searching on FlatClub? Run a search now & take a look, or stay put on the blog & we'll go over the basics of what has changed.

Search Via Commute Time
We're most excited to present this new feature to our search: it's something that we know will come in especially handy for our guests who are working or studying in a new city. It is difficult to figure out a decent place to live on the right transport line of your workplace or university.

FlatClub's search now makes that easy. Narrow down your commute time to something that works for you - average commute in London is 70 minutes* - and we'll filter out the results that would make your daily trip too long.

This is an addition to our classic filters: price & flat type. So now you can find the perfect studio in your budget, and know that it is a mere 25 minutes from your office. Easy!

Beds & Bedrooms Search

Many of our guests are searching for groups: people who want to stay together, and don't mind sharing a room, but need separate beds. In these instances, we make it easy to find exactly what suits the group's needs. Select the number of beds necessary, and the amount of bedrooms that are required.

 Perfect for groups of interns who want to stay together, families, and groups of friends.

Where do I see the commute time?

So you know how to search for commute time, and you're looking at the results. Here's where to find the commute time - by car, public transport, cycling, and walking. We'll only show you results that are within your request commute time.

Changes to the View
We've also made the images of flats larger on the search results screen, so that you can better decide on which properties look good to you. In addition to that, we've added a larger section of the map so that you can better understand the placement of the flats relative to your destination.

We're also working to improve our speed on the search results - and we hope that you see the results of that hard work soon.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FlatClub on Sky News - How Much We've Grown

You may have seen some familiar faces on Sky News this week - the FlatClub team appeared, and more specifically our CEO Nitzan Yudan was interviewed about our growth as a company.

The entire report is worth a watch - a few varied experiences with the economy & where the government puts their investment:

Sky News Report: The Pound In Your Pocket Influences Voting

It's worth it to take the time and reflect on how much we've grown every once in awhile, and this interview prompted one such occasion.

We've came so far since the days of working on the website in a living room, with 5 London flats in total. As Nitzan mentions in the interview, we're now 20 employees strong with around 100,000 flats on the site in cities across the world. Take a look at this infographic for a visual representation of our growth & activity bursts.

We're not going to stop growing any time soon, so why not come with us on this upwards journey & join our team. If you're not looking for a job, perhaps you could consider becoming a host?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Earn a FREE Ticket to TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Good news! We are once again partnered with TechCrunch Disrupt & this time it is all happening in New York.

If you'd like to earn a free ticket to Disrupt in NY, all you have to do is successfully host a Disrupt Battlefield Participant. If you've got a spare room, or even a spare couch that you're willing to rent out on a short-term basis for free, your generosity will be rewarded with a free ticket to Disrupt.

Earn a free ticket now - because Disrupt comes to New York May 4th. Be quick, and get ready for the tech event of the year.

Expect to see speakers such as Marissa Mayer from Yahoo, Dennis Crowley from Foursquare, and Joanne Bradford from Pinterest - alongside nearly 100 more engaging speakers involved in the technology & startup scene.

All you have to do to earn this free ticket worth $2995 is to allow one entrepreneur participating in the Startup Battlefield to stay at your place for the duration of the competition: from May 4th to May 6th.

You'll both be out at the convention most of the time, with your guest competing & you enjoying the speakers & booths of dozens upon dozens of budding companies in Startup Alley.

What amazing new products & services will you discover during Disrupt? Will you be inspired to start your own business? You won't know until you go - so earn your free ticket on FlatClub now.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Improved Dashboard on FlatClub

After receiving your suggestions and our own hands-on development & use of the dashboard, we’ve made some huge improvements. You can have an explore yourself of our new & improved experience, or keep reading & see an outline of what we’ve done.

  • Payment Information - See information on payments you’ve made, and payments made to you.
  • Verifications - See a simple list of your verifications & find out how to add more.
  • Alerts - Take actions relevant to your account easily from your dashboard.
  • Inbox Preview - See previews of booking enquiries & booking requests.
  • Invite Friends & Family - Invite others to join on FlatClub.
  • LiveDemand - See relevant LiveDemand requests as a host.
  • Reviews - See all reviews from & about yourself & your flat from the dashboard.

Accommodation Payments/Hosting Payouts

Hosts can keep track of when they will be paid next by FlatClub.
Guests may also take a look at upcoming payments you’ll make as a guest, and when they’re expected to be withdrawn.
Everyone will have access to printable invoices & information on upcoming and past bookings.

*NEW* Your Verifications

Now it’s easier than ever to see your verifications as a host or guest, and add to them if need be. The more verifications you have, the more likely your booking request will be accepted, and the more
likely a guest will make a request for your flat. Try to complete them all for the best results.
  • 1. Verify Your Phone Number - All you have to do to verify your phone number is accept a call, or even easier, respond to a text message sent from our system to your phone.
  • 2. Verified Club Member - Find your club on FlatClub to become a verified member of that group - we have clubs for universities, professional organizations, and companies. If yours isn’t listed, please do request it. Once you’re a verified club member, you’ll receive better prices & see exclusive flats.
  • 3. Connect Facebook - Connecting your Facebook to your FlatClub account is a great way to verify your identity for prospective hosts & guests. It’s easy to do - just click and allow FlatClub basic access to some of your general Facebook info, and you’ll become verified.
  • 4. Verify Email - A verification email is sent to the address you used to sign up for FlatClub. Click the link inside that email & presto - you’ve been email verified.

*NEW* Your Alerts

These are pretty self-explanatory, if there are any alerts on your account they require some action on your part to resolve. These are things that have to do with you getting paid, verifying your account, or responding to messages. It’s good to have all of your alerts resolved and have none pending.

Inbox Preview

Take a quick look at the items pending in your inbox: these include booking enquiries and booking requests. There are different views for different items in your inbox: booking enquiries, and booking requests.
There is a tagging system in place so that it’s easier to understand whether a booking enquiry has been answered, has been booked, and so on. Reply easily from the very same page. The loading time has also been improved.

Invite Friends & Family

Send a link to your family & friends inviting them to join you on FlatClub. If you’re happy with our service, please tell your loved ones so they can also enjoy lower priced medium term stays.

LiveDemand Section

Depending on whether you’re a host or a guest who has made a LiveDemand request, you’ll see something different in this section of the dashboard.
Hosts will see LiveDemand guest requests that match their rooms and flats, so that they can easily send through an offer to fulfill that request. Check your dashboard for guests who are searching for accommodation in your city.
Guests will see their own LiveDemand request, and they can easily make adjustments on the fly from this page.


Reviews about the host or the flat are on the same page as reviews by that person - all visible, and on a single page. We hope this will encourage both guests & hosts to leave reviews for one another.
See for yourself now the big improvements we’ve made on the dashboard.

Feel free to recommend new features to us in the comments, and send feedback via Twitter.