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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Our New Post a Flat Process

The Flat-Club blog is back again for another of our new feature spotlights!

Last week we covered the big improvements made to our clubs, and this week we’re going to tell you how we’ve changed up one of the most important aspects of our site: posting your flat.

Discounts for longer stays
. We’ve made it easier and more rewarding to discount for longer stays. You can set a discount for guests who stay 60+ days, and a higher discount for guests who stay 90+ days. Best of all, when you offer discounts for longer stays, you will be improving your rank! When you’ve improved your rank, that means you’ll show up higher in the search results - which means more bookings, with trusted Flat-Club guests who on average book at least one month!

Limit visibility to only trusted guests. Our hosts now have even more ways to make sure their flat is seen by only people they want to rent to: we have updated our visibility options for hosts. Now you can choose to make your flat visible to everyone, only to club members, or only members of specific clubs.

Providing hosts with even more one-on-one account management. Every single host on our site will have an account manager that they can contact with any questions or requests they may have. Our account management team is dedicated to helping hosts get bookings & make the most out of their listing.

Tips & advice while posting your flat. Renting out your property takes time and thought, so you might want some guidance. That’s why we’ve added handy tips to help you along the way. In addition to the tips you’ll receive during the actual process, we have a few past blogs that will help you make the most of your flat. If this is your first time hosting start off with our overall guide to hosting, and how to best utilize your flat posting.

That isn’t all we’ve added, either - also new to Flat-Club are cleaning fees, key delivery specifications, and house rules. When you include how you prefer to exchange keys with your guest, they will be sent your answer along with your contact information once the booking has been confirmed. We’ve also increased the amount of information you can share about your flat in your description, including number of bathrooms, number of beds, maximum stay preferences, and flat size. Hopefully that means less questions about your flat, and more speedy bookings that work best for you & your guests! We’ve also recruited more photographers to take free photos of your flat; as you know, photos are the key to an excellent flat posting so get in touch with us to take advantage of our free photography service, now servicing even more hosts!

Making it easy & pleasant for you to post your flat is incredibly important to us at Flat-Club, and we hope that you’re pleased with the improvements that we’ve made. Let us know what you think!

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