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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Finding a flat is easier than ever!

The Flat-Club blog is back once more to highlight another one of our brand-new features!

We have already covered our clubs, and the post a flat process, and now we’re on to another vital part of our site: searching for a flat as a guest.

The technology behind our search has been improved - so when you are looking for a flat, you will see the most relevant results for you as a guest first. For example, if you’re booking a particularly long stay, our search will show you flats that have better prices for longer bookings - and you’ll see the monthly price rather than the nightly. We tailor the results for you.

There is more information at the results screen when you search. You see the host’s clubs right underneath their picture, the number of reviews for that particular flat, and the neighborhood of the property. These little details will bring you more peace of mind, right from the start of your search.

Filter your search results to see the best flats for you. You can filter your results by type of flat, the price, or any necessary amenities that are available. For instance, if you need a 1 bedroom flat within a certain price range that can accommodate pets, you can find exactly that on the search results page.

Also new on the results page is our map, with clickable pins. This makes it significantly easier to find the property you want in the right area. Just click on a pin and go straight to that flat.

Search with flexible dates if you’re...flexible on your dates! If you’re taking a long trip, an extra one or two days on either side is likely not to be a problem, so why not search with flexible dates? You’ll be able to see more flats, and you might find something perfect for you that is just that one day off.

Search has been massively improved, and we’re so happy about how it has turned out. Search now, and see what’s new!