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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Greenwich

You might be a little further away from the hipster coffee scene in Greenwich, but that doesn't mean you won’t be able to find some good coffee and tea. We have a great list below of some independent cafes and bakeries from which to get your caffeine fix.

Royal Teas - Royal Teas is off the beaten tourist path, with a cosy and intimate interior. Coffee may not be in the name, but it is not an afterthought. You can enjoy your delightful coffee along with a well-made breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Paul Rhodes Bakery - Fair trade coffee and tea, accompanied by some of the best bakery-fresh breads, sandwiches, cakes, and other sweets - what could be better? Paul Rhodes is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee… and then stay through lunch for more of the amazing food offerings.

Red Door - Serving up some of the always delicious Monmouth Coffee, Red Door is an intriguing part-coffee shop-part-gallery in central Greenwich. The cosy interior is complemented by the use of vintage china cups, and the presence of sandwiches, scones, and vegan, wheat-, and gluten-free cakes.

Koffees and Kream - The light, airy space is chic and inviting, and makes you want to stay and drink your coffee for awhile instead of just grabbing a quick take away cup. There is also the added enticement of well-prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner on offer.

Pavilion Tea House - Located in the pretty Greenwich Park area, the Pavilion Tea House is an airy octagonal structure, serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch. If you’re in the area and coffee is what you’re after - they serve fair trade, artisan Union Hand roasted coffee.