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Friday 10 October 2014

BusinessBecause Asks....What Will the World be Like in 2050?

Our friends at BusinessBecause are running an excellent survey & competition sponsored by GMAC - the creators of the GMAT exam. MBA students & MBA applicants, predict where you think the world of work & offices will be in 2050 and you just might win $1,000 cash & a mentoring chat with a senior partner at Bain & Company!

Within 300 words, describe what day-to-day life in an office will be like in 2050. Will you be arriving via flying car? Will you arrive to an office at all, or will telecommuting be the new normal? Will business as we know it still be chugging along - if not, what will be different?

The very best entry will win the cash prize & chat with a partner. The next 10 best entries will win free copies of the FT Business Book of the Year, "The Everything Store" about Amazon & Jeff Bezos, and will have the opportunity to publish their thoughts on the future via BusinessBecause.

Make sure to take the survey as well, it's an opportunity to lend your voice to the future & change the way business is done!