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Monday 6 October 2014

Top 5 Restaurants in Greenwich

Greenwich - the place where time is born! Just a little ways out of Central London, you may feel transported back in time yourself as you take in the lovely architecture & scenic greenery of Greenwich.

Feeling hungry? You've got options. From the traditional fish and chips - made even more appropriate by the neighborhood’s nautical trend - to Michelin rated restaurants, there is something in the area for everyone. Add a lovely walk along the Thames before or after lunch or dinner, and you’ve got yourself a perfect afternoon.

Goddards at Greenwich - This family-run restaurant has been serving traditional British pie and mash since 1890. If you’re looking for authentic cuisine, this is it. The regulars and newcomers alike are impressed with the quality pies - available with steak, chicken, and vegetarian options.

Inside - Mentioned in the 2014 Michelin Guide, this modern European restaurant serves up top-notch cuisine by the main chefs - Guy Awford and Brian Sargeant. The fresh, quality food is accompanied by a comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff.

Bianco 43 - Bianco 43 is proud of being the most authentic Italian pizzeria in London. You can find an array of quality pizza and traditional Italian cuisine on the menu.

The Golden Chippy - If you’re looking for a great authentic fish and chips experience, head on over to The Golden Chippy. They serve up a perfectly cooked and crispy cod to both locals and tourists.

Zaibatsu - If you like great Japanese fusion cuisine, you might consider the hidden gem that is Zaibatsu. From noodles to sushi to salads, they serve a bit of everything - and it is all prepared and served by a friendly staff.

The Hill - Mediterranean cuisine slightly out of the way of the foot traffic in Greenwich - you won’t regret looking for this hidden gem. The owners are passionate about food from all over the world - so you might see some interesting variety.