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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another great day (or rather, night) for Flat-Club & UCL students to take home an award!

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating our win at the JC Young Entrepreneur's Challenge, and now a group of students that we worked with have been honored at the UCL Awards for Enterprise last Tuesday night. It was a fantastic ceremony worthy of the Oscars, and just a little bit unexpected, but a very welcome change from the usual Tuesday night.

The received award was for Best Impact for a Student Consultancy Project, for the project that we undertook with students from University College London.

The project in question was a consultancy concept that answered some key questions for Flat-Club...for example, will people host on our site who wouldn’t host elsewhere? The answer was a resounding yes. Twice the amount of private people would host on Flat-Club, where academic & company connections are utilized, than on similar sites who place less emphasis on networks where trust exists.

For more information on the project, our involvement, and the award-winning students who worked on it, UCL has graciously posted a video.

Nitzan Yudan was a standout candidate for this award because of both the impact our students from UCL had on Flat-Club, as well as the enthusiastic welcome he gave them and the experience he provided them.” said Director of UCL Advances Timothy Barnes.

Thank you to Charlotte Arlt, Nicklas Carler, Johannes Kunath, Edward Ling, and Matej Orlicky for working alongside Nitzan and the rest of the Flat-Club team on this now award-winning project. Congratulations!

It was a pleasure to work with the students at UCL, and we’re so proud that the effort that was put into the project was recognized by UCL.

University College London students, and everyone else for that matter, don't forget to join your club here on FlatClub! Doing so will net you some discounts & exclusive flats -- best of all, it's completely free. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Announcing Our Student Beans Winner!

A few weeks ago we ran a competition alongside our friends at Student Beans for a prize of £300 worth of travel money, and now we have a winner.

Unfortunately none of us had worn a hat that day, so we used the next best thing to draw a name from; the digital hat that is

Look at all those names! We have blurred them for privacy, but we can tell you that's just the first part of the alphabet. What a great response. Thank you all so much for your entries, we're glad so many people are interested in Flat-Club. 

So, we were faced with choosing a name from many worthy entries. How do we do it?


...And finally, a big congratulations to Natasha!

We wanted to have a bit of fun and see what Natasha was going to do with her £300 prize, so we had a quick Q&A with her.

Q: If you were going to use your Flat-Club travel money to book a fun city break where would you go?

A: Italy or New York, they’re my favourite places.

Q: What type of flat would be you be most excited about booking on Flat-Club?

A: An amazing one, which would wow me loads!

Q: When do you think you'll go somewhere?

A: Either at my birthday, or next year.

Nice picks, Natasha! We’ve got quite a few flats in New York and Italy for you to choose from, and we think each one is pretty amazing. Let us know when you have made your booking, we’d love to do a follow-up.

We’ll keep you posted for our next competition, so you can get your entries in early and win a tidy bit of extra travel money, just like Natasha.

If you're jetting off somewhere - prize money or no prize money - take advantage of our free expert search! Our team of FlatClub experts will pair you up with a great place to stay based off of your needs & desires. Drop us a line & see what we can do!