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Friday 23 August 2013

User Experiences, Part 1: Host Experiences

Here at Flat-Club we really pride ourselves on our user's experiences. After all, without our guests and our hosts, what would we do all day?

We've taken note of some great ones on our Testimonials page, but we thought we'd go a bit more in-depth for a series on the blog - this entry is specifically on host experiences. We were able to have a little chat with a few of our hosts, and here's what they had to say about Flat-Club.

First, we asked hosts what their experience on Flat-Club so far has been like:

“Whenever I went on holiday abroad, I put my flat on Flat-Club, [...] it turned out great!” - Assaf, London, member of LBS Club

“I’m surprised at the mix of people who rent - from young people, college students coming here on vacation, and the oldest guest I had was 62. She was visiting grandchildren here in New York who were studying.” - Emmanuel, New York, member of Columbia Club

"I’ve been able to take vacation just from subletting the apartment, it gave me money to pay for the vacation.” -  Emmanuel

“The location of my flat is near LBS and Regent’s College, and I think the whole concept of using an interface like a social platform was something that is easy to use, and quite efficient. I think the whole process from start to finish and the design allowed me to use the site quite easily and therefore get in touch with tenants as and when they’d contact me. It’s an easy tool to use, and it’s something not quite out there in the market.” - Jagjit, London, member of University of Warwick Club

Interested in renting out your place? We've recently made it even more simple to post a flat, so there is no better time than now.

We then asked a few of our hosts how they felt about clubs - specifically, did they feel that joining a club was a benefit for them as hosts, and for their potential guests:

“I joined the Columbia Club not only to find people from Columbia, but also to show people where I came from. I figured out that posting that on my page would make things if not more attractive than at least less suspicious I would say - so people would be more willing to rent if they saw that I was belonging to a club - it gives some confidence of who I am. [...]It increases the confidence for potential guests.” - Emmanuel

“I do check when I get a response, and if they’re members of any clubs that I know of, it brings more credibility & I’ll be more inclined to rent to them.” - Assaf

So, as you can see our hosts agree that joining a club is a worthwhile venture - both for themselves, and for their guests. Search for and find your club, and start enjoying the benefits immediately!
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