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Thursday 21 June 2012

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flat Posting

In an effort to find out what makes a flat posting most attractive, we took a look at Flat-Clubs Top 200 flat postings, which had at least 5000 views and received the highest number of messages in relation to views. Not surprisingly, most of them had the following features in common:
  • A central location
  • Attractive pictures
  • A well written description
  • A good price / value for money
  • Host is a member of at least 1 club
  • Except for the location of your flat, you can improve ALL of these aspects to get the most out of your flat posting pictures.


    Charming pictures are your Number 1 Success Factor! Don’t underestimate it! We recommend taking pictures of every room in the flat, including the bathroom, kitchen and the view from your window or balcony. You might want to include photos of your garden or the outside of your building. Make sure that your flat is clean and tidy before you take them. Open doors and window curtains to get some natural light! If you need help or don’t have a camera, just contact me and I’ll be happy to send you our FREE photography service


Write a personal, welcoming and informative description! Include all relevant information about the flat and your area and why it appeals to visitors and tourists. 2-3 short paragraphs are ideal. Don’t overwhelm the reader by elaborating too much on details and technicalities. Perhaps get a native speaker to help you with your English. Correct English sounds more professional and makes you appear trustworthy.


To calculate a fair price, we recommend using the rent you pay for your flat as a basis (or the equivalent market rate). Include all expenses such as utilities, internet etc. and add a small upcharge of 10-30% (up to 50% during the summer and high demand seasons). The better the deal, the higher your chances of renting it out. Don’t be tempted to overprice it! Charging a reasonable, fair price will ensure that you find a trustworthy guest who will appreciate your flat and leave it in good condition.

Club Membership

The more clubs you join, the more you will be trusted. In order to become a member of a club or to see the list of available clubs, go to “My Account” and click on “Join Clubs”. If you study at a university or work at a company that is not listed, contact me to see if we can create a new club.
If there are no relevant clubs for you, don’t worry! Our research has shown that a detailed personal profile, including a picture and some personal information can yield the same results as a club membership. Let potential guests get to know you and share a little bit about yourself! This is especially important for room postings and will ensure that you will find someone suitable for your flat.