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Friday 21 October 2016

Changes in FlatClub

The FlatClub marketplace for medium-term accommodation is transitioning to a private service dedicated to outstanding moving support for our clients' employees. The first step in this transition is disabling public access  make new accommodation bookings if you are not a registered guest in one of our corporate services. In the meantime, all of our existing customers - guests and hosts - will be 100% supported. Here are the key points:

What if I have a booking?
Great! Your booking is valid and our customer support team is available to you. Log into your account to access your booking & payment details. No changes need to be made and you can enjoy your stay.

I am a host, what happens with the guests I have now?
No changes apply to your current bookings. You will receive payouts as scheduled and can access your account for payout updates and invoices.  
Will I be able to access my account?
For the next year, you will still be able to log into your account, use the dashboard, look at your past and current bookings and change details in your user profile. You will also still be able to receive invoices and check your payment details.

I am a host, what will change?
If your accommodations are a good match to the needs of our corporate clients you can expect to receive interest from high quality, referenced, low risk tenants back with rent payment guarantees. Our corporate service is an annual recurring service offering you great opportunity for a long term partnership. Contact us to learn more how this works and learn about becoming a Preferred Supplier.

Do you have a question or concern that was not covered in the above? Please contact us for questions or assistance at