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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Brixton

Everyone loves a well-crafted coffee, and Brixton is fond of its trendy coffee scene. Whether you’re looking to become a regular who feels more like family at a cozy cafe or are looking for a unique roast, there’s bound to be a shop in Brixton that brews your coffee the way you like it.

Wild Caper - A light and airy space in the Brixton Market, Wild Caper serves up Eastern Mediterranean for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are also serious about their espresso.

Rosie’s Deli Cafe - Who wouldn’t want some delicious comfort food along with their coffee? The cafe sees a stream of regulars walking through its doors again and again for the sweets and coffee served in ornate cups.

Phoenix Cafe - The Phoenix Cafe recently moved into a new venue, and is freshly redecorated with a clean, minimalist look. The new premises certainly don’t mean anything has changed about the fabulous coffee and food the locals flocked to previously.

Federation Coffee - If you’re looking for a coffee shop dedicated to its coffee, Federation is where you need to be. With their own roastery and blend, coffee connoisseurs sing this shop’s praises.

Opus - Simple and good, Opus is your “friendly neighborhood coffee shop.” This corner shop is airy and has all the best sweets to accompany your morning coffee.