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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top 5 Shops in Covent Garden

From upscale retail to lively markets, Covent Garden has all the shopping you could hope for. Go from the world’s largest Apple store, to shops dedicated to beloved cartoon characters, to one of the most brilliant tea shops in Greater London.

Apple Store: The store opened up at this prestigious address by the Covent Garden market as the the largest Apple store in the world. Apple’s signature techie look is combined with restored stone flooring and original brickwork.

Covent Garden Markets: From handmade goods and artwork to antiques and sweets, the markets around Covent Garden are extensively stocked by a wide variety of vendors. If the Camden markets aren’t your style, Covent Garden might be for you!

Whittard: This branch of Whittard is home to over 130 varieties of loose leaf tea, as well as coffee and other delicious drinks. Don’t forget all of the tools it takes to brew the perfect cup of tea for yourself! Whittard is a must-see for tea enthusiasts.

The Tintin Shop: If you’re a fan of Tintin, the Tintin Shop is a must-see. Dedicated entirely to the character and his friends, you can find everything from books, posters, and t-shirts to stationary, figures, and even crockery in here.

Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop: Benjamin Pollock ran a theatrical print shop in Hoxton, and was loved by local children and adults alike. After his death in 1937 others have carried the shop on in his name, and today it is a wonderland of theatrical toys and collectibles.

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