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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Covent Garden

The call of caffeine is a strong one, and Covent Garden answers it with some fantastic options. Whether you go for the tried and true Monmouth Coffee or something new, there’s a caffeine fix for everyone. 

Notes Music & Bakery: This cozy, chic cafe is the perfect place to enjoy your flat white. However, Notes is well-known among regulars for more than just its coffee - they have an excellent wine selection as well as a delicious, seasonal food menu.

Salt Espresso & Tea: Salt Espresso uses Square Mile Roasters blend and is dedicated to the perfect coffee experience. They also carry a great variety of loose leaf teas from Waterloo Tea. For an excellent brew of coffee or tea, head to Salt.

Monmouth Coffee Company: Monmouth travels the world to discover the best coffee, and their dedication shows. Coffee shops from all over London brew Monmouth, so why not grab a cup from the original company?

Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels: For anyone who has never seen Neals Yard, the establishments in this yard are the epitome of “hidden gem.” This French wine bar and restaurant is famous among regulars for its coffee, but don’t forget about the great food.

Paul: This bakery with excellent coffee has history going back to 1889 in France. Enjoy the chic, laid back atmosphere and smells of the traditional baking processes of this family-owned establishment.

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