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Wednesday 20 August 2014

London's New Welcome Packs

Everyone likes a warm welcome when they’re traveling to a new city, and everyone loves mail! FlatClub is combining these two great things and adding a personal touch to your London check-in. If you’re staying in London for over a week, you’ll now receive a FlatClub Welcome Pack to show our appreciation. The welcome pack is your introduction to London.

We made sure to add a few British classics: a PG Tips tea bag and a Cadbury Eclair. So while you browse your copy of Time Out London, enjoy your cuppa and plan your first week! Other good things include a Tube map and Oyster card information to help you get around on public transport and a printed version of our London Relocation Guide to tell you all the best places to go.

All of this cool stuff comes in a sturdy clear FC folder that you can reuse for other things - maybe your boarding passes on the way home? But we don’t want you to think about heading home just yet - when you check in to London you’ll have an entire folder full of fun things to try!