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Tuesday 5 August 2014

5 Most Important Photos for Listing Your Flat

The old adage less is more doesn’t really apply to flat photos: the more, the better! We encourage uploading as many photos as you can of your property - the inside, the outside, and any interesting points.

However, there are 5 pictures you should upload that are the most important. Still haven’t taken your photos? You could either sign up for our free professional photography service or take a look at our articles about how to best take photos of your flat. We grabbed some great examples from our community - click on the titles or captions to see their flats!

Guests are most interested in seeing the following 5 photos:
Shewa's Flat
1 - The Bedroom
This makes a lot of sense. Guests want to see where they’ll actually be sleeping, so a few of photos taken here would be wise. Angle your camera up from the corner of the bedroom, so you can get as much of the bed and the surrounding area as possible. Try your best to get a sense of size for the bed - shooting from corner to corner is the best way to accomplish this.

Maxime's Flat
2 - The Living Room
Especially if you’re listing for an entire flat, the living room or sitting space will be very important to your guests. A couple photos here will do, with the seating arrangement visible, and an open window in the background is quite lovely. An image that highlights something interesting in the living room such as a piece of art would also be a nice touch!

Alex's Flat
3 - The Kitchen
Some think the kitchen is the very heart of a home, and if your guest thinks that then they’ll absolutely want to see a picture! Even if they’ll only use the kitchen to eat in, it’s extremely comforting to a guest to know that a kitchen is tidy & clean. Again, the corner to corner trick is a great way to cover as much of your space as possible. If you have a separate dining area, make sure to include a photo of that as well.

Matan's Apartment
4 - The Outside
Now we don’t mean going out the door, facing your flat or home and snapping a picture, we mean the street outside. Guests will be curious about the area near your flat, so taking a picture of something interesting in your neighborhood or a general street shot is a great idea! If you have a garden or an amazing view, make sure to include a picture of that as well. A nice garden or a superb view is a big selling point for some guests so don’t neglect it.
Elena's Flat
5 - The Bathroom
This one is important for reasons similar to the kitchen - it is a comfort for guests to see that a flat has a clean, tidy bathroom. One photo here should suffice, a general shot that includes the all the fixtures. Our recommendation is to close the toilet lid while taking the photo.

We hope that this helps you get a start on uploading photos to your posting on FlatClub. These are the top 5 most important rooms to photograph, but the more photos you take of these rooms, the better! Don’t forget to sign up for our free professional photography service or browse our blog for more tips.