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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Top 10 Restaurants in Camden

We're back with another installment of our Camden Neighborhood Guide! We've already told you about the 5 top coffee shops, and next up in our London Relocation Guide improvement project is 10 super Camden restaurants.

Great food is definitely not in short supply in Camden! The neighborhood features everything from food stalls in the markets to Michelin-starred restaurants. We have listed a few the more popular restaurants (including some of our personal favorites) below.

  • Bento Cafe: Bento Cafe is a great Japanese restaurant that features a sushi bar towards the front of the shop. The menu contains a wide variety of other dishes, including (but not limited to) salad, fried noodles, soup, and tofu.

  • Chin Chin Labs: Everybody loves ice cream, but have you tried instant, liquid nitrogen-blasted ice cream? Probably not - but if you have, you know it's a lot of fun and creates a deliciously creamy & super fresh concoction. Chin Chin Laboratorists are the finest nitrogen ice cream makers who make flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and even grass! Go check them out and try one of their more exotic flavors.

  • Poppies: Named Best Independent Fish and Chips in the UK, this is the place to go for the tastiest fish and chips. Poppies serves up locally-sourced ingredients alongside a great selection of wines, all within a 1940’s themed venue. Friday and Saturday nights include live music performances.

  • Sen-Nin Japanese: Teppenyaki is always a guaranteed fun night out, and Sen-Nin is no slouch on the hot plates. Get an assortment of delicious pieces of meat grilled right in front of you in an energetic, theatrical way. With a large but well-chosen menu, we can recommend tempura prawns & the classic steak & chicken teppanyakis - we like a bit of extra dipping sauce, too.

  • Q Grill: This restaurant displays a city take on the rustic vibe, and is described by the owner as “farm-to-grill meets Camden Town.” The menu offers raw, grilled, and smoked selections, including ribs and hotdogs.

  • Masala Zone: This chain of restaurants is rapidly expanding throughout London, each decorated with a separate theme. The menu is populated with street-food-type snacks, wraps, grills, curried noodles, curry, and rice plates, amongst others. You can also usually catch a great discount special.

  • Porky’s: If you’re looking for Memphis-style BBQ in Camden, look no further than Porky’s. From ribs and slow-cooked pulled pork to chicken and quinoa chili, this popular restaurant is ready for hungry customers.

  • Arancini Factory: This retro cafe has an open kitchen from which the arancini is served, and can be ordered plain or dressed in a number of ways. There are other menu items, including coffee and sweets, that you can enjoy in the friendly atmosphere indoors or in the little garden out back.

  • Hache: Gourmet burgers at reasonable prices, Hache is the perfect place to go in Camden for restaurant-grade burgers made with your choice of beef, chicken, fish, lamb, or even crispy duck.

  • Crispy Candy: A unique treat that must be tried, Crispy Candy is a quirky stall inside the Camden Lock Village Market. They serve up a variety of chocolate bars, biscuits, and other sundries all fried up in a buttermilk batter. Sure, it's unhealthy; but you only live once so give it a go!