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Tuesday 8 July 2014

10 Great Advice Articles from the Experts: Land Your Dream Internship

When it comes to landing a job or internship, you want to do everything you can to make your efforts successful. Market yourself based on the advice and perspective of these hiring managers and leaders in the industry, and keep following their advice to make your internship a success! If working for a startup strikes your fancy, pay special attention to the articles we have curated below. That dream job may not be as far out of your reach as you think it is!

If you have your eye on a great startup, give yourself the best chances at being hired. Do your homework, be proactive, and be realistic.
Dharmesh Shah - Writes on OnStartups, and is the founder of the startup HubSpot.

Whether starting a new job or getting ready to jump into an internship, this article has some great guiding principles to work by.
James Caan - A LinkedIn Influencer, Caan went to Harvard Business School and is a serial entrepreneur also dealing with startup loans.

Far from being a simple list, this article gives a few great pieces of advice and expands on them. From the importance of your network, to the type of mindset needed to work at a startup, use Saldana’s knowledge as a springboard for your small business job search approach.
Mark Saldana -  Saldana is a marketing manager at 500 Startups, and the author of multiple blog posts for their website.

When it comes to landing an internship, Lauren Berger (founder of InternQueen) is definitely the expert you want to consult. In this article written by Forbes author Susan Adams, all of Lauren’s advice is practical and comes from experience - experience she gained from completing a total of 15 internships during her college career.

Know the culture, have the passion, and read everything you can get your hands on. Shah emphasizes the power of stories in this article.
Dharmesh Shah - Writes on OnStartups, and is the founder of the startup HubSpot.

Every intern should use this article as a general guideline for how to approach their internship. Be intentional and professional about your experience, and it could jump-start your career.
Dr. Tom Denham - Dr. Denham is a career counselor and founder of Careers in Transition LLC.

It is time to get out of the mindset of attending class and into the mindset of being professional. These tips are all common sense, but sometimes overlooked by new interns.
Alison Green - Green gives job and management advice on her Ask a Manager blog

Many articles focus on how to conduct yourself during an internship. Matthews takes this opportunity to give great advice on what to do before the experience starts. Some of the tips, such as “google yourself,” are great to follow before you even land an interview.
Michael Matthews - Matthews is the managing director of NYC-based The Mobile Culture, a mobile and social marketing consultancy.

Get a good look at what it is like to be an employee at a startup, and figure out whether or not you are the right fit for one.
Dharmesh Shah - Writes on OnStartups, and is the founder of the startup HubSpot.

Dr. Hansen wants to make sure you make your internship experience matter in the future. Of course, you will keep the knowledge you gained during the experience, but make sure you keep a record of the tangible results of your work as well. 
Dr. Randall S. Hansen - Founder of Quintessential Careers, the longest-running career development website