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Monday 7 July 2014

The Best Resources for Interning and Studying Abroad

Interning or studying abroad is the perfect way to relocate to a new country for a short time while adding to your resume or transcript. However, it can be quite daunting to turn your travel abroad dream into a reality. That is why we have compiled the ultimate guide to resources on the web about traveling abroad for a summer or semester right here.


If you need more reasons to go abroad, check this list out.

The people who have been there, done that definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to why studying or interning abroad is a good idea.

A company dedicated to sending students and recent graduates abroad outlines the academic and career-minded reasons to leave your country behind for a bit.

This article is dedicated to telling you why it isn’t too late to go intern abroad!

One study abroad student turned his year of study abroad into multiple years abroad. He also started his blog, and wrote an entire book full of tips to apply to your own abroad journey.

By now you know how interning abroad can boost your resume, but what about personal growth? This article outlines how going abroad can improve your “soft” skills and help you discover your personal brand.

Do you need help with your resume before you apply for an internship abroad? This article will help you market yourself to potential employers abroad.


Have you already committed to your adventure, but still want more information? Here’s what you need to know while you’re abroad, whether you’re in a classroom or an office.

Respect, humility, being a good traveler - you’re going to go home with more than just pictures and souvenirs!

Make the most of your trip abroad. “Tourist” is not a bad word. Keep a journal.


Are you returning home soon or just want to plan ahead for when you do? Here are some after-abroad resources.

It can seem impossible to keep up your abroad lifestyle at home. It may look different in the US, but you now have the tools to take advantage of opportunities and appreciate life the same way.

One student’s account of dealing with post-study abroad blues and her realization that feeling a little down about coming home is okay.

This article gives a clinical, in-depth look at the realities of reverse culture shock, and how to deal with it without driving friends, family, and yourself crazy.