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Wednesday 23 July 2014

10 Ways to Communicate from Abroad for Free

No matter your budget, if you have a smartphone (or laptop/tablet) you can communicate back home and your new acquaintances in-country for free. Just hunt down a good internet connection or get a local data plan and you’re set!

Viber allows free texts and calls over internet or data. Sometimes you just need to hear a loved one’s voice to keep from getting homesick. If you have a laptop, download the desktop version to video call with a slightly better connection than Skype.

Whatsapp isn’t as versatile as Viber, but is a very popular texting-via-wi-fi option with many study and intern abroad participants.

While it can be difficult to get a good video connection, the skype app works for video calling as well as messaging straight from your phone. No need to drag around your laptop looking for a wireless connection.

Social Media
Make sure you don’t forget the apps you most likely already have downloaded right under your nose!
Kik is an app that allows you to create an account online without being connected to a phone number, add your friends, and chat via wi-fi or data.

Take and send pictures from your travels, adding captions to keep everyone up to date. Unlike Instagram, your pictures are only sent to certain people you are having a conversation with.

The best thing about GroupMe, besides easily texting multiple people at one time using data or internet, is the fact that you can text family members without smartphones back home. Add a phone number to your conversation, and they will receive a text from GroupMe. You can use internet and data, they receive an SMS, and neither party has to pay international text fees.

Line offers free calls and texts through the app, and has a brand new video chat feature. The chat allows you to send stickers, pictures and audio clips to your friends and family.