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Friday 10 January 2014

Spotlight On...New York City!

New York City is one of the most well-known locales in the world - with internationally renowned cuisine, entertainment, vistas and more. Everything that a city can offer NYC has in spades - and we can help you get there.

On FlatClub we have short term rental rooms & apartments throughout the boroughs of New York, so wherever you need to be in the Big Apple you can find it on FlatClub.

If you’re interested in food, a good place to situate yourself is near Brooklyn, where you can find what many restaurant critics & pizza fans consider the best slice in New York: Di Fara Pizza - an unassuming pizzeria in a sidestreet of Brooklyn. Not only that, but many other star & soon-to-be star restaurateurs make their home here. Check out places like Sweet Chick for fried chicken, and Chuko for ramen.

If it’s a lovely view you’re after, head to Manhattan where you can find both Battery Park City and Governor’s Island where you can have a delicious picnic while looking at the Statue of Liberty.

Entertainment can be found anywhere in NYC depending on what you’re after - for example, the Theatre District in Manhattan hosts broadway productions right alongside more independent performances from local artists. If you’re a sports aficionado, you need to check out Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. If you don’t mind sitting way, way out the price is unbeatable at $10 or less - you can also get better seats at fair prices, but half the fun of going out to a baseball game is complaining about the distance.

There’s way more in New York City than this, of course - but we hope that you’ll get some fun ideas for your trip from us. If you haven’t been able to find that perfect spot in NYC yet, let us know via our Expert Search and we will help match you to one of our flats -- all for free!