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Friday 24 January 2014

Featured Startup: Evisors

We like to point out cool start-ups and Evisors is an exciting concept. They make it easy for universities to connect students with relevant alumni advisors. Evisors uses network connections to help people make a career move in the same way that FlatClub can help you move anywhere.

Evisors is a personalized career advice marketplace founded at Harvard Business School in 2010 and have opened the platform so now anyone can book an advice session with an expert in the field of their choosing. For students, graduates, & everyone else, they provide resume & cover letter assistance from experts, practice interviews, and of course, career advisement.

Alumni can also become an advisor & make a difference in addition to some extra cash. You can sign up via LinkedIn and your experience will automatically be ported over to your Evisors profile. We think making top advisors & experts more accessible to the public is pretty cool, and the chances are good that you’ll find someone with relevant advice for you & your future, no matter your field.