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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Secrets of the Search Ranking

When a guest is searching for a place to stay on FlatClub, the top of the search results page is a very good position for hosts to be. We make sure that our best hosts & flats are seen by our guests first, so we know that they'll be happy.

So, what can you do to increase your search ranking on FlatClub? There are a few easy steps you can take with your flat, profile, and actions you take on the site that will add points to your ranking - and therefore boost it!

Improve Your Profile - Did you know that club members are ranked higher in search results? Search for your club & if it isn’t there just tell us your university, company, or professional organization and we’ll add it for you. Upload a picture of yourself & include a bio in your profile, and get another easy set of points. Every verification you get on FlatClub (see what you have & don’t have on your profile) also adds points.

Improve Your Flat- Make sure you've got at least 7 photos to get the maximum number of points for your pictures. You'll get bonus points if you've gotten your flat professionally photographed by one of our FlatClub photographers! Ask for our free photography service. By making your flat the best it can be, guests will save it more often to their favorites - another way to earn points.

Actions on the Site - Positive reviews are one of the biggest search ranking boosters - nothing indicates a quality host more than positive experience! If you haven’t received any reviews yet, consider lowering your price (at least temporarily) to get a few under your belt. Update your calendar every 30 days, get a bonus every time. Make sure that you’re responding to messages and requests within 24 hours - timeliness counts a lot for search rankings.

So that’s it - just be the best host you can be, and you’ll be right up there at the top of the search results page! For more information on hosting, visit, or email