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Friday 21 September 2012

Flat-Club Offers You $100 For Referring A Friend!


At Flat-Club, we’re all very excited about the launch of our new referral programme. Our Refer-A-Friend scheme not only gives you the opportunity to gain $100 of travel money but it is also very much in line with the core values of Flat-Club; bringing together friends and friends of friends on our website to post their places for free and meet each other’s accommodation needs.

We want to encourage our guests and hosts to invite their friends to our website: why?  

  • We are passionate about connecting together real people around the world to share their rooms or flats with each other.

  • We want to expand the community of trust that Flat-Club is founded upon. Already, we are focused on leveraging trust from academic, professional or social networks, such as students and alumni from top universities. We now want to branch out even further and make the most of the trust that exists in friendship circles, encouraging friends to rent with confidence from their friends or friends-of-friends exclusively through Flat-Club.

So, what are the benefits for you?

  • Our Refer-A-Friend programme is a great way for both existing and new hosts to earn a substantial amount of money. If you invite a friend to Flat-Club and they post their room/apartment on our website, you will immediately earn $25 in travel money. Once your friend receives a booking, you will then have the choice between gaining an extra $75 or a $50 Amazon Voucher. Therefore, by simply referring your friends, you could soon be enjoying a stay in luxurious accommodation around the world for free! For the new host, Flat-Club provides another great opportunity to earn money. Through posting their room or flat for free, the new host can make the most of his home when he’s away and often gain enough extra income to pay for his accommodation abroad. 

  • Through Refer-A-Friend, you could also gain exclusive access to Flat-Club’s club community. One of the primary ways in which Flat-Club creates a sense of trust is through club membership. We have a range of clubs for different top universities, business schools and companies throughout the world for example Wharton, ESCP and London Business School. Students, alumni and staff can join their club and rent out their place exclusively to their colleagues or classmates from their same academic or professional network. Club membership makes a host appear more trustworthy, causing their flat posting to rank higher in search lists and gives them the opportunity to view a greater range of  exclusive rooms/flats to rent. Through our Refer-A-Friend programme, Flat-Club guests and hosts can invite their friends to become a member of their specific club and therefore share the benefits that being a part of that club offers. 

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