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Wednesday 29 February 2012

What would you do with $1500?

Last week, we worked out that on average Flat-Club hosts make $1500 from renting out their flat to people they trust while they’re away. It’s a sizeable figure so we decided to ask all of you what you did with the money you got renting out your flat on Flat-Club. We’ve had some great responses – and would love to hear even more!

Jon, London Business School
I went with my wife for a week in Northern Italy. We posted our flat first and then booked the holiday the second someone had booked their dates. It paid for our flights, accommodation and car rental!”

Corban, Columbia Business School
“Didn’t buy anything special but it probably ends up paying for my daily sandwich and coffee habit in Uris Deli. How much do 300 sandwiches cost?”

“Me and my fiancée are getting married next year so we are saving most of the money for it.”

Alice, HEC Paris
“I visited my family in London at the weekend. The money paid for travel and a splurge in the Apple store in Covent Garden."

So what would you do with $1500?
Post your flat to find out!