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Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Guide to Posting your Flat

A ‘rentrepreneur’ is defined as someone who rents out their extra resources to increase their income. So that means, if you’ve rented out your flat through Flat-Club before then you are a rentrepreneur as well. Congrats!
We all know that renting out our flat while we’re away to someone we trust makes a lot of sense. It’s a great way to make some extra income for day-to-day life or just to subsidise your own trip. But when is the best time to post your flat online? And how can you increase your chances of a guest booking it? Because we want you to get the most out of your new-found status as a rentrepreneur, we’ve analysed all the searches and bookings made through Flat-Club to increase your chances of renting out your place and finding your perfect guest. And because, well, we just like playing with Excel…

1) Post your flat as soon as you can - 2 months before is ideal

According to our data, posting your flat 90 days in advance ensures that 90% of guests will see your place. This reduces down to just 15% of guests when your flat is only posted a week in advance.

So think about bank holidays, peak seasons and term dates which can all increase demand and consider whether you can make your place available during these key dates. Guests tend to search for places to rent at least two months beforehand so once your travel plans are finalised post your flat online as soon as possible. Or you could follow in the savvy steps of 27% of our hosts by posting your flat before you book your holiday. Once you know what dates your flat has been booked, you’ll know exactly when to travel yourself. Genius.

2) Keep your calendar up-to-date

Making it obvious when your flat is and isn’t available saves a lot of time for you and your guests. You won’t receive booking requests for dates that your flat isn’t available and guests won’t feel frustrated after failing to book. A well - organised calendar makes your listing look more professional and guarantees more interest for when it actually is available. And regularly updating your calendar also ranks your flat higher in the search results – just a little insider tip from us!

3) Take great photos of your place

Tidy up, open the curtains and snap away during the day to ensure the best possible photos. And use a photo of the living space as the main flat photo; it’s more inviting than an exterior shot. We’ve found that listings with photos get so much more interest than listings without.

But if the photos of your flat aren’t doing it justice, never fear! We have several professional photographers working for us across the globe that guarantee to make your flat look its best. And best of all, this photography service is completely 100% free for you to use. Just contact us to arrange it!

4) Talk, talk, talk

Use the Flat-Club messaging system to respond to guest queries and booking requests as quickly as you can. Guests tend to make multiple enquiries, so being efficient and helpful will immediately make your flat their number one choice.
So if you’re feeling particularly rentrepreneurial today, join all the other Flat-Clubbers and post your flat online now.

Happy posting!

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