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Thursday 19 July 2012

Join The Club!

Want to make your flat posting more attractive? Hoping to rent out your property to someone you trust, allowing you to travel abroad with peace of mind that your flat is in safe hands?
Well, join the club! This is exactly what Flat-Club want and that is why we emphasise for you to become a part of your club(s) today – it’s free!

Joining a club is beneficial for both the host and the guest in several ways:

  1. Trust:

    Our research has shown that one of the primary foundations to trust is the sharing of common values or experiences. The ability, therefore, to rent out your flat to someone that went to the same university or worked in the same company as you, builds on this concept of trust. You are no longer just opening up your home to a stranger but instead to a friend or a friend-of-a-friend from within your professional or academic network. Joining your exclusive club allows you to immediately make the most out of the loyalty and ‘bond of trust’ that comes with shared values and a common academic or professional background.

  • Make your flat posting more attractive:

    We are proud of the way in which our company focuses on leveraging existing academic and professional networks to create trust and clearly you are too. Our research shows that being a member of a club is a particularly great way of making your flat posting more attractive. Club members are more likely to be drawn to the rooms or flats of other members within their same network. Joining a club also increases your ratings as a ‘trusted’ host, making you appear higher in search results. So don’t hide your top academic or professional background, make the most out of it to attract more people to your posting.
  • Networking:

    Renting out a room in your flat to someone from within your academic or professional background also provides the perfect opportunity for networking. Joining a club allows you to host a guest or a rent out a flat from someone that attended the same university or worked in the same business as you, immediately forging a link of common interests and shared experiences. The concept of club membership therefore immediately changes the focus of hosting and renting; no-longer does short-term accommodation need to be just a necessary place to sleep, it can be a means of getting to know your host/guest, learning about their experiences and comparing them with yours. In fact, many of our users have given excellent feedback about the way in which Flat-Club offers them a great networking opportunity to meet and chat with other alumni of their top university, business school or company.
  • Browse a greater variety of flat postings.

    Finally, some of our users choose to only share their rooms or flats within their exclusive professional or academic network. Therefore, if you are eligible to become a club member but you’re yet to join, you could be missing out on some great accommodation postings.

  • How to Join?

    It couldn’t be simpler:
    • Login to your account.
    • Select Join a Club tab on My Account and enter in the email address for your particular university, business school or company; you can join as many clubs as are relevant to you.
    • Verify
    • That’s it. You’ll then become a member and can start to reap all the benefits that come with being a part of our exclusive club network.
    To read more about how our clubs work, click here.

    Search for your club now, and request to add yours if it isn't on FlatClub yet!
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