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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Christmas Is Coming...Soonish

OK, so Christmas does feel quite far off. At FlatClub we’re in total agreement with you that it's certainly too early to start dusting off your decorations, putting up your trees or selecting festive gifts.

However, it is not too premature to start thinking about Christmas bookingsOur experience has shown that posting your room/flat in advance significantly increases your chances of securing a booking.

Are you planning a trip away over the festive period? Will your room or flat be free? Then post it on FlatClub! Even if you are just away from home for a week, visiting relatives or taking a Christmas vacation, you could still be earning substantial money. With all the presents, food, drink and celebration, Christmas is never the cheapest time of year. However, through making the most of your home when you’re not there, you could earn quite a substantial amount of extra money, helping to ease the pressure off that festive overspending!

Have you thought about renting a place through FlatClub? It is widely accepted that comfort is one of the key criteria for making a good Christmas.  Whether that comfort comes in the form of food, friends or a warm drink in front of the fire, feeling comfortable is integral to enjoying the festive season. This is why renting accommodation through FlatClub is the ideal solution for a Christmas getaway.  At FlatClub, we pride ourselves on the fact that rooms and flats are shared between real people. Therefore, when renting a place through FlatClub, you can always feel assured that your chosen accommodation will feel warm, inviting and offer all sorts of home comforts – perfect for Christmas!

We already have a great selection of fantastic rooms and flats available for the Christmas period, in all sorts of exciting locations and to suit a range of budgets. Booking early will avoid disappointment and ensure that you can start to look forward to spending your festive break exploring your chosen city whilst staying in your ideal accommodation.

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