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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Going on an internship? Make money with your empty apartment

Internship season is well under way, and for those of you who are taking on an internship abroad or even just across your country - we have a money-making idea. Hosting on FlatClub can be very rewarding - on average, our hosts make about £1500 per booking!

Use Your Flat to Make Money During Your Internship!
While you’re away on your internship, your room is waiting empty - and you’ll probably still have to be paying rent on it! The shame of it is that a lot of interns are faced with this dilemma: they can either continue to pay rent on their apartment in their home city, or move out and lose what they’ve established at home while they go for a temporary internship.

With FlatClub, you don’t need to do either. While you’re away, your room will still be in good use; you can find someone who needs accommodation in your city on FlatClub using our LiveDemand feature. On LiveDemand, you see who is looking for accommodation on FlatClub live - it’s sort of a reverse search engine for our hosts.

What You Should Do to Prepare
At FlatClub we offer services that will make it easier for you to rent out your property while you’re away. At a bare minimum, we recommend you take advantage of our free photography service where applicable. You may also utilize our Host Premium Services if key exchange would prove difficult for you.

Keep in mind that if you’re a private host on our site you are eligible for our £500,000 Insurance Plan. You’re also free to make use of our ‘Clubs Only’ filtered search, which means that your flat will only be visible to the members of clubs that you have chosen. For instance, you can have your flat only visible to alma mater of your university, or former co-workers.

Find Your Accommodation on FlatClub
Of course, you should also book your own accommodation on FlatClub. We have rooms across the world at various price points, so make your search today.

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