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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Sublet While You Rent - UK Law Change

FlatClub hosts already heard great news earlier this year when it was announced that short term letting was legal in the UK, and things are about to get even more exciting for UK tenants!

Unrestricted Subletting Laws
Now George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is lending further support to sharing economy marketplaces such as FlatClub by easing the restrictions on subletting for tenants.

See page 51 of the official document for more information.

What That Means For You
In simple terms, how it used to work is that if you were renting a property from a private landlord , they had the right to stop you from ever subletting. The new guidelines say that landlords may no longer restrict subletting within reason.

If you’re renting property in the UK from a private landlord, they’ll be required to seriously consider any request you make for sharing space or subletting on a short term or medium term basis.

What Should You Do
1. Check your current contract - Double check and see if your contract stipulates anything specific about subletting.

2. Talk to your landlord - If your current rental contract states that you may not sublet, inform your landlord about this change. We have a template letter that you can use.

3. Sublet with FlatClub - When you rent out your property with FlatClub, you will put your landlord's mind at ease in addition to making some extra money.

Here are the reasons why your landlord will feel comfortable with FlatClub guests:
  • Insurance - All private hosts are covered by our £500,000 Host Insurance plan.
  • Guaranteed Payments - We manage payments & we guarantee you will receive it.
  • Trusted Guests - Using LiveDemand, you can select your own guests.
  • Corporate Guests - We work closely with companies like Google & Microsoft to find their employees amazing accommodation - just like yours.

Excited? We sure are! We’re ready for the influx of new hosts to our site, so post your place & get started today.
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