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Monday 23 March 2015

Understanding Tea in Britain

If you’re new to Britain, you may be taken by surprise by this most common of Anglo-Saxon questions: “How do you take your tea?”

Every British person will have an answer at the ready - even if that answer is “coffee, please”. Tea is quintessentially British, and is a tradition shared among all countries of the United Kingdom.

How Do People Have It?
There are so many things that factor into how someone may have their tea: milk, sugar, the order where extras are added, and of course, steeping time.

All this is strictly personal choice, but variations on the traditions will definitely be cause for some light-hearted arguments in the UK. Add the milk before the boiling water? Fighting words to a classic tea brewer, however some surprising science has came out in support of this controversial position. Of course, there is even more variation to be had: for instance, what sort of tea will you take?

Popular Teas in England
Traditional teas served in the morning & afternoon include English Breakfast (a black tea blend with assam & ceylon) and Earl Gray (a black tea blend with a citrus-y flavor from added bergamot oil), which contain some caffeine to give the early part of your day a boost. It’s often an accompaniment to a meal, such as breakfast or a light snack.

Other popular teas that are served throughout the day include green tea (an exceptionally healthy Chinese tea, served without milk or sugar), chai (a spicy tea originating from India that takes sugar & cream very well) and tisanes such as fruit infusions & herbal ‘teas’, which don’t contain any actual tea leaf - and therefore no caffeine. A particularly good bedtime choice is chamomile tea which is made of dried chamomile flowers & promotes restfulness and muscle relaxation.

How Does FlatClub Take Their Tea?
We here at FlatClub are quite the international group as you can see, and among us there are admittedly more coffee drinkers than tea sippers - however, we all enjoy a spot of the good stuff every now and then. Those of us who regularly drink black tea like PG Tips prefer it strong, no sugar, and a hearty splash of milk. This is also how we recommend you take your officially endorsed FlatClub tea for guests!

FlatClub Endorsed Tea in Welcome Packs?
That’s right - when you book a medium term stay on FlatClub in London we send you some PG Tips to help you get adjusted to the UK and better understand the locals, alongside some other important things in our Welcome Pack. Not only that, but you can enjoy a lovely biscuit or chocolate treat to go alongside - again, provided in your Welcome Pack. This is the customary way to enjoy tea in the FlatClub office, and we can encourage you to partake in this most English of customs while you're staying in England.