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Friday 13 March 2015

FlatClub Features Roadmap 2015

FlatClub is constantly iterating and looking for new ways to make the transactions & communications between hosts & guests as smooth as possible.

We wouldn't do any of this if it wasn't for our hosts & guests. That’s why we're sharing with you our 'masterlist' of planned new features. While we can’t make any specific dates public, rest assured that we plan to release all of these features sometime in 2015.

Don’t see something you want down below? Let us know in this simple, anonymous survey & you just might see your ideas on the roadmap next.

So, on with the features:

Improved Dashboard
  • Calendar
We’re adding more details to the dashboard calendar, including an easy way for host’s to see their booking window, and the visible period pricing for seasonal discounts. Booking windows on calendars for professional room providers will be added, with a beta version already live on the site. Notice time will be added to calendars as well, so that hosts can let us know when they plan to take bookings.

  • Messaging
Improvements here include 2 way messaging via SMS for hosts & guests to communicate easily, before booking has even occurred. Hosts will also be able to immediately accept, decline, or further discuss booking requests via SMS.

  • Dashboard Itself
We’re improving the visuals of the dashboard to make it less cluttered and easier to find what you need to know & what you need to take action on. Hosts & guests will be able to easily view their upcoming payments, and print out invoices regarding payments easily.

Confirm Booking Through Texts - This one has been requested frequently, so we’re making it happen. When host’s receive a booking request, they’ll also receive a text message at the same time where they can simply text back ‘YES’ to confirm the booking.

Edit Your Own Booking - Make changes to your booking as a guest directly on the site: extend your stay, change your check-in date, and more.

Post Your Flat On-the-Go - We’re optimizing our post a flat process to work well on mobiles, which means you can not only make small edits while you’re on the move - you can also post your entire flat from wherever you are!

Cancel A Booking - Guests will be able to cancel within the bounds of the cancellation policy directly on the website - and hosts can cancel bookings, with all parties being notified immediately.

Travel Money - We’re instating a brand new travel money program, where guests and hosts alike can earn extra holiday cash by suggesting FlatClub to friends, taking surveys, or otherwise helping to grow & improve FlatClub.

Paypal Payments - This much-requested feature wherein you can make or receive payments via Paypal is also planned for release.

We'll be updating periodically with new ideas, so keep your eyes on this page.
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