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Friday 13 February 2015

Renting Out Your Flat is Now Legal in London!

Due to changes in technology & the economy this archaic law has now been changed. It’s now official, the 1973 Greater London Council (General Powers) Act, that required all homeowners’ to pay for a council permit before they could legally rent out their flat a period of time less than 22 nights, has been repealed.

This will enable Londoners to participate in the sharing economy and benefit from recent innovations in information technology by letting out either a spare room or their whole house in the same way as other residents across the country,” the government communicated in a written statement.

What does this mean for us all? Well, it's great news! You can now feel free to rent out your property in London for any length of time you wish. Whether you own the flat outright or not...if you’re a tenant you still can rent it out, but you must ask your landlord for permission.

The demand for stays of this length in London is increasing: there are more mobile employees, students, consultants, and interns working from city to city. Rent has become increasingly expensive, and mobile work has become more common; making medium term lets a winner for guests & hosts alike. Interested in hosting? Read more about how to do it on FlatClub.
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