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Friday 13 February 2015

Thank You Hosts - The History of LiveDemand

At FlatClub, we create products based off of the desires of our users: LiveDemand was created to empower hosts to search for guests & take a proactive approach to finding guests. We knew that many of our hosts, both new & old, wanted to know about our guest demand. Wet received a lot of questions about it - we realized one solution would be to share with our hosts our guests’ searches.

Google helped us to produce a sleek & informative video:

Instead of asking our development team to build this for us, we utilized Google apps & created spreadsheets & forms and shared it with our hosts. In the mean time we took your feedback for LiveDemand in this form, and noted it for when we were able to dedicate time to build the actual functionality on the site.

That way, our hosts would get the best possible product live on the site, and could use our Google app-enabled suite in the mean time!

There were a few kinks to begin with, and it certainly was not the most beautifully laid out of services - but we worked hard to make it easy to understand & even easier to feedback on. Thanks to the responses from our hosts, we knew that you loved being able to search for guests yourself - but we found out that perhaps there was no need for daily updates on new guests. So, we took that feature out & made it a weekly digest instead. Feedback like this was vital for us to perfect LiveDemand, and add or subtract features depending on our hosts’ desires.

By empowering our hosts to search for guest’s requests, we feel that we’ve greatly improved the user experience on FlatClub for both guests & hosts. This also gives the hosts & guests equal footing, so hosts’ are able to choose the best guest for them, not just the other way around.

Recently, our CCO Matt Chic was asked to share with the Google Developers community how we built our innovative LiveDemand feature ourselves as a beta product using existing tools.

So thank you again, FlatClub hosts, for making this all possible. We’re not finished yet, though! Feel free to continue making suggestions for what could improve LiveDemand, and what we could otherwise build to improve our hosts’ experience. Tweet us, email us, or leave a comment here.