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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Chinese New Year Celebrations in London & New York

Chinese New Year is February 19th in 2015, and there is plenty of activity planned in London & New York’s famous Chinatowns. Coming to town for the Lunar New Year? We’ve got nearby London studios for under £70 a night and New York rooms for under $70.

London’s Chinatown near Leicester Square can boast of having the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the world - outside of China, of course. Although February 19th is the official date, London waits until the weekend to really pump up the action! That way everyone can enjoy the festivities, which include special menus across the board in Chinatown, a huge parade, and plenty of stalls selling food & crafts. It’s the Year of the Sheep - does that mean big woolly scarves? Whatever you do though, don’t let being slow get your goat - make sure that you’ve booked in advance for a lovely traditional New Year’s meal. Special menus across the 100s of restaurants & cafes are sure to include amazing dumplings, whole fish dishes, and extra long noodles - symblizing prosperity & longevity in the coming years. Delicious & lucky, what’s not to like?

New York’s Chinatown in Manhattan pulls out all the stops each year - with it’s own landmark parade & amazing food stalls. It all kicks off with the Firecracker ceremony - a tradition to ring in the new year with fireworks continues in NYC in a wholly more organized & stupendous fashion. Some of the city’s best competitive lion dancers, huge floats & fireworks, and a real convivial atmosphere make NYC’s celebration unique. Another exciting option in NYC’s Chinatown is a China Institute course in traditional dumpling making & lantern creation - a great pick for families visiting New York City during Chinese New Year.

Whatever you’re doing for Chinese New Year this February, we hope that you spend it in comfort with loved ones - the most important tradition there is.