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Thursday 15 January 2015

How to Make Money With a Spare Room

It’s the 15th day of 2015, and in addition to calling your attention to some nice symmetry we’ve also written a quick guide for how to make money with a spare room.

Whether you have found yourself with an empty bedroom in your flat because your roommate has moved out, or because children have moved out of the family home, a little extra income will be welcome, right?

Here’s 3 easy ways to make money by utilizing that spare room:

1. Post on FlatClub - Did you see this one coming? Well, it’s true - posting your room on FlatClub will push it forward to over 75,000 members, many of whom are graduates of top universities or employees of international companies. Sounds like they could make for a pretty interesting roommate. Not only that, but our guests stay longer. They’re looking for 3 to 6 month stays for business trips, university courses, and internships.

2. Use LiveDemand - Our LiveDemand service is a way for hosts to send offers to guests. It’s a great way not only to gauge interest, but also to directly get your room booked. Take a look at who’s searching for a room in your area. See something that fits? Send an offer straight away.

3. Promote on Social Media - Once your room is listed on FlatClub, feel free to use the direct link to your listing to promote on your Facebook & Twitter. If you mention us, we’ll happily repost it to our Facebook & Twitter followers, as well!

Those are our favorite ways to make money using your spare room. Do you have any extra tips that have made it easier? Share them on the blog, or tweet us @flatclubcom.