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Friday 5 June 2015

How FlatClub Can Help Students Find Accommodation

We've not just researched to find out how we can help international students; here at FlatClub we have true, personal knowledge of the issues faced by them.

When our very own Head of Online Marketing Sandra moved to France to study abroad from her native Spain, she was facing the difficult Parisian rental marketplace all alone.

What happened?
In Sandra’s case, she sent letters to lots of places - and all of them said ‘No’. Paris has lots of students coming in, and not a lot of accommodation going around - like many large cities in the world. The only other option she had was to book a hostel for a few weeks and look for a room in that period. That, however, is a lot of hassle.

Finally, she found one that said yes, however they asked for a garant, a person residing in France with a French bank account, who is willing to 'vouch' for you and make sure that your rent is paid. That’s tough when you’re a student from another country!

This is just one example of different cities varying rental customs. Some cities require massive deposits, some cities require an additional tax to be paid for being in an ‘urban zone’, and other strange rules you may not have heard before.

This is a common situation; a lot of universities don’t offer help to international students who are going abroad. They’re expected to face the difficult task of navigating the customs of rental law & custom in foreign cities, sometimes without speaking the language. So, they end up paying a lot more than they have to - or having other issues.

How can I avoid these problems?
Landlords on FlatClub are a bit more lax - they won't require the same things that landlords operating on other platforms may request. Some of the things you won't necessarily be required to provide on FlatClub but are frequently requested elsewhere include:
  1. Background Checks
  2. Proof of Employment
  3. Bank Account Statements
  4. A Guarantor (or, Garant)
  5. Statement from Former Landlord
How do you do it?
When you find a place through FlatClub, we guarantee your payment to the host. Using our unique algorithm we're even able to guarantee proof of your 'club membership', whether that's a university or company. When a host is working with us, they feel more at ease.

There’s more, too:
  • You can book your accommodation abroad, no need to leave home!
  • You can pay in monthly installments.
  • We help you find accommodation which is within commuting distance of the place you will study, work, or intern at.
  • We protect you against scammers - all payments are processed by us.
  • You have access to reviews left by previous guests.
  • We have great marketplace specialists with expansive knowledge for each city that can help you from the moment you join FlatClub, until you find something suitable for you!
Those are some of the benefits of working with FlatClub. Any unfamiliar city to you may have unfamiliar practices & customs when it comes to short or medium term rentals. We know these inside and out, and we can help you navigate through the city like a local!