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Thursday 4 December 2014

Top 5 Nightlife Spots in Canary Wharf

There's plenty to do in Canary Wharf after the work day ends - with so many professionals working here, there must be something to entertain them! Wine fans will have a field day, as will cocktail & steak aficionados. Take a look at your options and choose one that suits you to party all night. Or, at least, at happy hour.

Boisdale - Boisdale in Canary Wharf has some of your classic seafood like lobsters & oysters to celebrate with, and there is plenty of seating for large crowds. You can also indulge in a ‘whiskey flight’, take in some cigar tasting, and eat a steak. Sort of a classy Mad Men night out.

First Edition - If you’re a wine fan, and who isn’t, this is the place for you in Canary Wharf. Not only is there a great wine selection, the food isn’t half bad either! The cheese platter is particularly excellent - especially when paired with the right wine.

Rum & Sugar - Great cocktails with a particular focus on rum, so expect fruity & curiously strong tropical flavors as you go - but there are other styles, too. This is also a venue for some live music & good food - we recommend the pork belly.

Davy’s - Lovely food, and of course a strong wine collection are the hallmarks of this wine bar. Full of well-decorated & ornate objects, it’s got a nice atmosphere and would be a great place to celebrate a special occasion.

All Bar One - A chain throughout the UK, this branch of All Bar One is often quite busy with wharf workers. There are cocktails on the menu to suit every taste, and the food is of good standard. Plenty of seating and counter top space makes this, while crowded, an easy one to enjoy a night out in. The drinks are nice & inexpensive, as well.