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Wednesday 10 December 2014

2015 Colour of the Year In Your Flat

Have you heard what Pantone's colour trend prediction is for the upcoming year? If not, we're happy to be able to break the news to you: the colour of 2015 is Marsala, a lovely wine brown neutral that can put to great use as a home decor tone!

Marsala wall art & rug displayed in Ann's FlatClub flat
The earthy & grounding aspects of the shade means that it can easily integrate into any room in your flat. The calming & homey nature of the colour will also put your guests at ease.

An easy way to bring the 2015 colour of the year into your rental is through kitchenware - things such as display fruit bowls, dinner plates, and mugs. Look out for branded Pantone marsala mugs soon!

 If you're in the market to purchase a small appliance for your kitchen, many do come in a marsala shade. Look for 'wine red' coffee makers, hand blenders, and food processors. A small tea-towel will also do the trick in a clean, modern kitchen.

In the bathroom, a soap dish or a large bath towel is a chic way to tie marsala into the furnishings.

Burgundy red marsala highlights throughout Margarida's living room
In the living room a lovely display would be flowers with tones of wine, red, and brown - the main hues that make up marsala. Dark roses, brown chrysanthemums, and wine colored orchids make for a lovely autumnal bouquet that will bring to mind marsala. You could also use a marsala vase with contrasting light-colored flowers, or a marsala rug underneath your table.

Wine & brown marsala shades complement Imran's Private Room on FlatClub
Another interesting way to include marsala in your flat is through a welcome mat - set it outside & you'll be tying together your entire home, inside & out.

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