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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Make an Offer or Alternative Accommodation for a Guest

We love our hosts on FlatClub - we've created many new features in the past for their benefit. Take a browse through memory lane with our hosting articles, if you like. Our latest change will make receiving a booking all that much easier.
Sarah reviews her options after receiving a message from guest Kenny
Our newest feature for FlatClub hosts is the chance to offer a deal or alternative accommodation to guests. Generally we foresee this feature being used for messages or live requests where a booking has yet to be confirmed. Take a look on your own dashboard at your latest messages & live requests!

Offer a Deal
If you’re keen to get your room booked and you have interest from a guest but they need a little flexibility on price - now you can offer a deal. Give a bit of a discount that isn’t listed on your flat description, and it’s as easy to do as sending a message! That way you can guarantee your room gets booked for a period without having to formally lower your price.
Sarah offers guest Kenny a discount to secure his booking
Offer An Alternative
If you must turn a guest down for a specific property, you won’t necessarily lose their booking - as you may offer an alternative from the rest of your published flats. It can happen to any host, but it’s a great way to safeguard yourself if you’ve already booked a room & forgotten to update your calendar. Guests will appreciate the quick response & the ability to continue the booking process with you, painlessly.
Sarah offers her potential guest a different room when he requests one that is booked
We call these new features Offer a Deal or Alternative. It’s perfect for use when a particular flat isn’t available - hosts will have a drop down with all of their published flats to offer. Also great when you want to offer a deal in order to meet a guest’s budget - wonderful for when you want to fill some space in your calendar.

You’ll be given the option to Offer a Deal or Alternative in your messaging threads on FlatClub, including messages & live booking requests.