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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Canary Wharf

The working masses of Canary Wharf need to stay caffeinated - whether you're working hard or using Canary Wharf as a base of exploration for London, coffee is the way to go. Canary Wharf has options, all the ones you'd expect and some special cafes to look out for - here is a list of great coffee shops in Canary Wharf.

Taylor St Baristas - Part of the small UK chain that is gaining momentum against the omni-present international chains, Taylor St Baristas has some great cakes in addition to delicious, bold espresso. The food has a Antipodean tint to it, so expect Anzac biscuits & Lamingtons. Go with either and enjoy that dark, rich cappacinno all the more.

Paul - Paul is also a chain, but one that definitely puts quality highest on it’s priority list! The coffees are always well done, and the pastries are done in a classic (and delicious) French style. Almond croissant & a latte is certain to make you feel awake in the morning!

Café Brera - This one is well known for being a spot where business gets done - your fellow coffee-drinkers are closing deals left & right as you sip your latte. There are also some nice little lunch options like pizza, and your more standard coffeehouse fare. Juices & smoothies are also available for the more health conscious!

Crussh - Want a break from just straight up coffee? Crussh can give you a much healthier boost in the morning with their fresh juices & smoothies! There are also plenty of food options including lovely salads & porridge pots.

Apostrophe - The founders of Apostrophe wanted to find a cafe that had both coffee and food that had great taste and quality, so they decided to start their own. With a friendly staff and fresh items on the menu, you could possibly spend all day here! And don’t forget the great music as well.

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