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Tuesday 4 March 2014

How can FlatClub benefit your community? Case Study: London Business School

We've had the opportunity to partner up & engage with some of the leading university's of the world: through their alumni, students, and faculty. Our clubs, well over 400 now on the site, are a testament to our value for university communities. About a year ago, we produced a PDF detailing our some of the stats & facts for our largest club: the London Business School Club. Read on for highlights, and below you'll find a link to download the full PDF.

Reaching a Global & Diverse Community of Trust

The LBS Club on FlatClub is 60% alumni, 26% current students, and 14% faculty & staff. In the first 2 years of the LBS Club's existence, more than 300 bookings were made within the club.

Valuable Savings & Earnings for Club Members
Members of LBS Club who host on FlatClub have earned in excess of $250,000 - while members of the club who are guests have saved over $1.4 million on FlatClub. Those savings come largely from the fact that rooms & flats on our site are 78% less expensive than comparable hotels.

Make Exchange, Internships & Relocation Easier
University admins know that finding short term accommodation that is both affordable & trustworthy isn't always easy. FlatClub makes it simpler because we can vet the credentials of a host, and our properties are significantly cheaper than the other options.

We must be doing something right, as 99.2% of our guests & hosts would recommend us to friends & family! Search for your club now, and download the below PDF for more information on how FlatClub helped LBS in 2013.

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