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Monday 24 February 2014

Holiday Hosting for the 1st Time? Here are 5 Tips to Help

Putting your empty flat to work while you go on holiday is a two part win. Your holiday ends up less expensive and your idle flat provides great value accommodation for your guests. Several hosts on FlatClub have made holiday hosting a regular tactic in their planning -- when their flat gets booked that means it's time to take a trip! 

Holiday hosting does however require a bit of preparation and the first time can feel a little intimidating. What to do in between accepting a booking request and welcoming your guest is uncharted territory. 

Here are 5 tips to cover the basics and make sure you have a good experience. 

1. Make space by doing a 'mini pack'

Depending on the size of your flat you may have different options. Clearing space for your guest in the closets, bathroom and kitchen is most important. Some hosts with 2 bedrooms simply dedicate one bedroom to storing things. If you're holiday hosting with your 1 bed flat or studio, you may need to be more creative. A couple good tricks are packing some things in your empty suit cases or picking up a couple small moving boxes. For your own peace of mind, think about storing any breakables you want to keep safe from accident.

2. Prep extra sets of sheets & towels

Having a dedicated sheets of linens for your guests makes life a bit easier. You can wash and store them separately and always have a full set on hand for your next holiday hosting experience. Additionally it's nice for your guests to feel like they have more than they might need.

3. Arrange key exchange & backup

If you are going to be present to welcome your guests then key exchange and greeting is simple. You might also think to arrange a back up in case your guest locks themselves out. Think about leaving a spare key with a friend, neighbor, dry cleaner or your trusted neighborhood person. 

4. Consider treating your flat to before & after deep cleans

A deep clean a day or two before your guest arrives will make you and your guest feel great. As the guest is helping pay for your vacation, think about springing for a professional clean before and after. Your guest will have a freshly cleaned abode for their vacation and you will step back home to the same. 

5. Draft a short manual for the flat

Does your flat have any idiosyncrasies that would be hard for your guest to figure out? A trick to make sure the heat turns on, a lock that sticks, a confusing oven? Try to think through how you would explain all the details about your flat for the very first time and put them down on paper for your guest to access if and when they need. 

These tips will set you up nicely for a great holiday hosting experience. If you are interested in receiving help - FlatClub provides premium services for hosts in select cities

Have you just completed your first holiday hosting experience? How did it go? Let us know if these tips guided you in the right direction! Write to or tell us on twitter @flatclubcom