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Friday 14 February 2014

5 Ways to Leave a Great Review

So you’ve just had a great experience on FlatClub, congratulations! Now it’s time to leave a review.

Whether you’re a host or a guest, leaving a review will benefit you. It helps build reputation and trust between FlatClub members and improves your profile ranking on the site. And, when you do leave a review, you’re much more likely to receive one in turn.

Here’s how to make sure that your review is tops:

1. Be Specific
Avoid vague, one sentence reviews such as “They were nice” or “great flat”. Punch up your review with specific statements such as “The guest was friendly & we had a great dinner together.” or “The bedroom was just the right size for 2 people”. This will be more useful to other guests, and other hosts.

2. Describe the Location
Were there a lot of shops within easy distance? Was it convenient for public transportation, or were there parking options? Consider what other guests will want or need to have easy access to, and jot it down. Feel free also to note the absence of some necessities in the area. It’s important that future guests get a good feel for the location.

3. Describe the Flat
With any luck your host will have already done a good job of describing the flat on their flat page. Guests will appreciate confirmation from an earlier visitor, however. Even if everything has been discussed, it is a good idea to go over what you found most noteworthy. For instance, if the kitchen was particularly big, mention how handy it would be to cook in the flat.

4. Describe the Host/Guest
Was the host friendly and personable? Was the guest respectful of your property & approachable? If you felt comfortable with each other, mention it in your review! Others will appreciate knowing that your host or guest is a considerate person.

5. Be Honest
Of course, the most important thing to be in any review is honest. Don’t feel discouraged to leave a review if your experience wasn’t great. We hope that it was, but regardless it’s important to be forthright in your review. This doesn’t mean that you should be inflammatory, but direct & truthful criticism is perfectly acceptable. If your experience had it’s ups and downs, please include all in your review - not just the good or the bad.

That’s how you can leave the best sort of review on FlatClub! Read on to find out how to be the top search result, or how to perfect your flat listing.

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