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Friday 21 March 2014

How 'Get Offers' on FlatClub Works For Different Travelers

With our new 'Get Offers' feature, our amazing hosts will work with you to find your perfect place. That is whether you’re travelling for business, an internship, family, school, or just for the joy of travelling itself!

If you’re off on a special project or some other business-related travel, you’ll have specific requirements. For instance, it may be important to you that the area you’re staying in be near your office, or that it is far enough away you can relax after work! You’ll also have a specific budget to fit, and will want to take some of the stress out of arranging your accommodation. There is no better way than to let our hosts make offers for you.

Interns have similar needs to business travelers, but often have a smaller budget. You’ll want to be near your workplace but not necessarily at the cost those areas often require. Interns may also wish to be more in the city center, as one of the benefits of interning is getting to experience life in another city.

Families have different desires to single or groups of adults. Safety and convenience are often paramount compared to nightlife and proximity to a specific location. Our most family friendly hosts can find you easily.

Students/School Travel
We understand that most students don’t have the largest budget for accommodation, and our hosts are happy to cater to those needs. We have some properties that are specifically meant for students, so you’ll be in an environment with people your age and your educational background, in a part of town that has interesting things to do & see. There are many options for students, ranging from neighborhoods with lots of nightlife, to quiet suburban places perfect for studying and relaxing after class. Our hosts will make offers & tell you more.

Travelling for Leisure
When you’re travelling for fun or to explore the world, certainly you have something in mind for your accommodation. Maybe that just means you know you want an en-suite, or you could get more specific - like you want to be walking distance to city landmarks. Whatever your needs are, write them down in your accommodation request and our hosts will see!

Not only can we help you to find a place that you'll love, we've also written Relocation Guides for 10 cities across the world! Write to us on @flatclubcom on Twitter if we've helped you - if not, let us know how we could help you more!