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Wednesday 30 September 2015

How to Boost Your Creativity Online

We saw how easy it was to access tons of information, books and courses online in our previous post on how to better yourself online. Now, you may be wondering how to apply those skills & bolster up your creativity - here we are with the answers.

Learn How to Code

Learning how to code is not just a skill for programmers. It can make your life easier and help you boost your CV (need we mention the domination of software in the job market at the moment?) In a world which everything is getting more and more digital, anyone can and should learn how to code and pick up basic skills in a few weeks, or even hours. Not only that, but coding can indeed be creative! Programming has an unfair reputation as being boring, but how do you think all your favorite apps & fun games got made?

Code Academy seems to be every self-starter’s starting point. Code Academy is perfect for a first contact and understanding of coding and the languages. It offers courses in seven main areas: from HTML & CSS to JavaScript, Ruby and Python.

Code Avengers While perfect for those who wants to learn to code games, apps and websites, Code Avengers is not free and only offers three tracks ( HTML & CSS, JavaScript and Python). It is however a fun way to learn more about coding with games and badges at the end of each task.

More coding websites:
Khan Academy

Learn How to Draw & to Play an Instrument

These two require a lot of practice and the easiest way to pick up on some new tips and tricks is to watch lots of tutorials over the internet.

Try to set up a time to practice and stick to it. If you decide to learn how to play an instrument or to draw online, do not expect to achieve a high level if you do not focus hard enough. Art demands a lot of time and patience and if you want to achieve a certain level you will eventually have to get a teacher to develop technique and posture.

Youtube tutorials will help you work on your posture for piano and show you how to draw basic stuff for the aspiring artist. There are even more YouTube tutorials for aspiring make-up artists and singers - almost anything you want to be can be found on Youtube. is actually a real person, Justin Sandercoe who offers free guitar lessons on his website since 2003. Justin will walk you through everything, from teaching you the correct names for the parts of a guitar, good posture and tips on how to become the next Jimi Hendrix.

Hoffman Academy is more oriented towards children, but a great way to get into playing the piano. The lessons are truly made for beginners and it stays very affordable.

Drawspace offers free tutorials and its community makes the interface very lively and will help you seek inspiration. The website offers a variety of things you can learn to draw and sketch.

Become a Chef!

It's quite popular to watch the Food Network and dream about the day you will make the perfect soufflé. While none of us here at FlatClub have mastered the recipe just yet, we still take a look at Youtube's food channels for cooking inspiration!

Food Wishes: Put brand new video recipes every week! The invisible and sassy talking chef makes the food the real star of the show.

Marco Pierre White: Cook like a true Chef with the help of Marco Pierre White and his easy educational cooking videos.

FoodTube: Who doesn’t know Jamie Oliver? He’s a bit of eye candy, some would say.

Check out apps like Marmiton for even more cooking tips and recipes.

These are just some of the ways you can boost your own creativity online, and learn new and useful skills. Has the FlatClub community discovered any other cool things that they can learn online? Or applied the skills you picked up online to the real world? Let us know in the comments!