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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Getting Back Into a Routine after Holidays

Oh no. It’s time to get back to reality: leave your bathing suit at home, stop eating out, and go back to your usual busy schedule, students. Autumn has plenty of appeal - but still, when it’s here you have to get out of holiday mode and back into your routine.
A few clever tricks can help you break the your vacation pattern and get you excited for university again.

1. Get Organized
Easy to say but not so easy to do, we know. In this case, we recommend going back to basics: the to do list and weekly planner. Boring sure, but effective. Planning ahead will help you manage your time and avoid having to take care of things last minute.

You can use a calendar, write what you have to do on a piece of paper and hang it next to your bed or download one of the 5 productivity apps we talked about in a previous article.

If you decide to go the old fashioned way - make it fun! Play around with colors, stickers, everything to brighten up your calendar, both to make it more fun and to ensure that it catches your eye each morning.

2. Be Realistic
Don’t plan too much for one day. You rock at multitasking? Great! Try not to abuse it, or you will burn yourself out. Focus on the most important projects and give yourself some time to breath. Be realistic about the time you have and plan accordingly.

3. Don’t Procrastinate What Can be Done Now

It’s especially easy to procrastinate when you’re thinking that something is a quick, small task that you can accomplish in a matter of minutes. If something can be done right now, do it now to avoid forgetting about it later or doing a poor job of it at the last minute. Getting small things out of the way will give you a clearer view on what’s left to do.

4. Identify Your Productivity Window
When are you at your most productive? Forget about all of the surveys you did, and when they said people are at their most productive. When are you most efficient? Is it in the morning? Evening? Before or after coffee? After lunch? During the weekends? After taking the trash out? Figure this one out to make sure you utilize your time well.

5. Get Some Good Sleep & Eat Healthy
Summer and holidays in general mean having a hectic sleep schedule. Try to slowly get back into a healthy sleeping routine and go to bed a bit earlier every night. If you still have trouble sleeping before 2 in the morning, try some breathing exercises to calm your mind and fall asleep faster.

Academics and success at work is also linked to a good nutrition. You can boost your memory and learning abilities by drinking plenty of water, eating lots of berries and fruits in general, along with eggs, nuts, and fish.

6. Take Breaks
With all this planning, working, studying, your brain will need to refresh. A break does not only mean laying around doing nothing, you could also do something unrelated to work to take your mind off your busy schedule. Read a book, exercise, or something else that makes me you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you decide to make a break schedule, stick to it!

7. Train your Brain
Why train your brain? Well, because like your body, your mind can be improved and training your brain will help you perform better in every area of your life. Peak is a good app that offers daily ‘workouts’ to improve your memory, focus, mental agility, problem solving abilities, and more.