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Thursday 27 August 2015

How Best to Prepare Your Flat for Guests

Ready for another season of FlatClub guests? We know we are! There are some ways you can really improve their experience, and therefore make yourself more likely to get some awesome reviews. Just a few quick things you can pick up will make all the difference for your guests!

Things to Leave in the Flat

When your guest arrives to the city, there may be some things that they’re missing. Some things that are rather vital, depending on where you are in the world!

Umbrella - Yes, if you are in London or any other rainy clime, this is a necessity for your guests! You can choose to make it a gift to your guests (you can find inexpensive umbrellas on the high street in the UK for around £7) or you can supply it with the addendum that it must be returned at the end of the stay. Easy peasy! Steve in London leaves these umbrellas behind for guests to take back with them, if necessary. It’s a small investment.

Tea/Coffee and Biscuits/Cookies - Leave tea & biscuits behind for guests visiting London or Dublin, so they get a taste of something classical. We suggest Twinings as an excellent classic British brand for visitors. Any biscuits from a shop will do, but something like digestives, shortbread, or HobNobs are the most well-known. If you’re outside of the UK, you may find that some local coffee & local cakes or cookies are even more well-appreciated! Sue in New York is always sure to leave a few K-Cups for her Keurig machine with a note so guests know that they can, and how to use them.

Hairdryer - You’d be surprised at how many people don’t provide this, or at the very least, don’t specify where it is in the flat. Your guest will most certainly need to wash their hair at some point during their stay, and if they have any length at all they’ll want to be able to dry it quickly. Do them a favor and leave the hairdryer in an easy-to-find area of the house, or otherwise leave a note as to it’s location.

Personal Care Items
- Imagine you’ve just landed in a big, unfamiliar city - and as luck would have it, you’ve forgotten toothpaste. D’oh! You know it’s a bit difficult to remember every single thing when you travel, so we suggest leaving a small tube of toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash and moisturizer behind. Find small trial sizes in the drugstore or chemist, they’re just perfect for this occasion.

Services That Help for Fun & Serious Business

When your guests arrive to a new city, depending on the nature of their travels, they’ll need entertainment or help getting around the city. We have suggestions for both!

Netflix - Do you have Netflix? It's only the most popular TV & movie streaming service in the world right now, so if you don’t have it, why not download it before guests arrive? Leave it installed on on your computer or television and give your guests directions on how to operate it. They’ll appreciate access to all of the great Netflix content when they’re relaxing in the evening.
Citymapper, find in the App Store

CityMapper & other apps - In London CityMapper is the best app for getting around the city. With information on public transportation & directions that will give you a good estimation of when you will actually arrive. Leave information on CityMapper (if it’s in your city) or other similar mapping & directions apps in a note on the kitchen table. Keith in London always recommends that his guests download CityMapper before they even arrive.

Physically Prepare the Flat

Of course, you need to leave the flat in clean condition before you leave, but there are some things you may not have considered that aren’t so obvious.

Leave the Windows Open - This airs out your flat and makes the general atmosphere a bit more fresh & clean-feeling. If it’s the summertime you may be cautious of insects coming in, so perhaps it’s best to open them right before the guest arrives so that lessens the amount of time they could fly in.

Leave a Few Drawers Empty - Leave a few drawers open and empty so that guests can put their things away and get comfortable. This is really only necessary if your guest is staying for more than a few days, which many FlatClub guests do. Our guests stay on average for about a month, and in that amount of time they’re likely to want to stop living outside of their suitcase!

Leave a Candle Available to Light - If you’re happy for guests to light candles, leave a little tinned candle for them to light themselves. We recommend something light and pleasant like vanilla or something citrusy. Sofia in Milan leaves a local Italian lemon candle behind for guests to light and enjoy.

Do all these things, or just a few that make sense for you & your property and you may just receive an awesome gift right back from your guests! Just like this lovely wine, chocolate, and letter from a guest that our CEO Nitzan recently received.