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Friday 17 July 2015

Going From a Guest to a Host on FlatClub: Mihaela's Story

Mihaela from Switzerland had received an internship offer in Stockholm, and was looking for accommodation online. This would be her 4th time moving to a new country, so she knew it could be difficult. When she found FlatClub, the marketplace for medium term stays, she made a simple & worry-free booking for a place in Sweden that suited her perfectly.

Then, she started thinking after seeing how smoothly the transaction was handled on FlatClub; why not rent out her empty flat in Zurich to another intern while she was away? Her landlord would be happy, with payments managed & guaranteed through FlatClub - and she’d be happy, not having to pay rent on two properties at once. This is her story.

> So, what inspired you to host on our site during your time spent abroad in a FlatClub flat?
I actually had the contact of another intern from before I knew about FlatClub and, as I knew he was coming to Zurich in more or less the same period as I was going to Stockholm, I wrote him a message.

My landlady approved the sublet, and, since he also liked the apartment, the only thing left to do was to figure out how to write the contract and arrange the payments. In the meantime, he was contacted by FlatClub as well and we realized it would be the perfect solution for us.

"Why was it the perfect solution for them, you ask? Let us cut in and explain...some of the benefits on FlatClub include guaranteed payment, automated payments every month for longer stays, and Lloyd's insurance for our hosts - up to £500,000 coverage!" 

> Do you think it's a good idea for others because you will earn enough in rent money that your accommodation costs are basically covered during your internship or consultation?
My rent in Zurich is less expensive than what I found in Stockholm, but it's a huge help that I don't need to pay two rents.

> What are you most looking forward to during your stay in Stockholm? What do you recommend your guests do while they stay in Zurich?Besides the internship and all the new things I'll learn, I'm looking forward to getting an idea about the Swedish lifestyle and to exploring the city and the surroundings.

I already gave my guest a small tour of the neighbourhood, but Zurich has a lot of other nice neighborhoods. [...] I would also recommend getting a half-tax card for public transportation and going around Switzerland for 1-day or week-end trips.

> What made you choose FlatClub over any other site to host on?
My experience with FlatClub while searching for a place to stay had a definite influence. The moment my guest proposed to make the arrangements through FlatClub, I knew it would be easy and relaxed. Many thanks to Keith and Alex, they made my search experience in Stockholm a lot less stressful. And this being the 4th time I'm moving to a different country, I do know how much of a challenge it could have been.

> Will you use FlatClub again as a guest or host?
I will definitely use FlatClub again.

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